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Norbu Phuensum - Typical Bhutanese Thangka Paintings

Thangka painting

A Thangka painting is an inspiring work of art that is rich with symbolism. They are important supports that are revered for meditation and visualization and they can also be used to confer a lineage transmission. Practitioners of the Vajrayana and Bön lineages will typically commission thangkas that reflect their own school or style of painting. They have traditionally adorned the walls of Tibetan monasteries and Buddhist homes for many centuries and are often used as the focal point on an altar or shrine.

We believe our thangka paintings are amongst the best available in the marketplace. All are traditionally mounted within a fine brocade frame. Each piece is hand selected for quality and checked thoroughly to make sure it is iconographically correct. Our finer works can take the artist several months to complete and in some cases many years.

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